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My friend and I have decided that we want to try do this as we are only an hr away from Watertown. But we are going to start small and see how we do first. I am going to make a small list of things 10 items or so Add the coupons to my Advantage card and then see what other coupons we can find to use there as well.

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We are planning tis for Black Friday so what a time to go cause it will already be busy but we are ready to give it a try. If it works out well for us we are going to try to go more often. The only thing is making sure we stay within what we are allowed to bring back to Canada. Also Thank you for your get ideas Cassie. I am finding I am able to go and do small shopping trips and pay about half of what I would of paid before I started using coupons!! Hi there. Just wondering how erica got an advantage card for price chopper. I am not too far from watertown myself and have thought of trying to go there?

I am looking forward to how you do too, as I have been thinking of doing that myself. I just find it hard getting the coupons mailed to me. This is the best coupon site ever. Thanks Cassie. Cassie, I just saw you on Global News last night, congratulations! I have never heard of your site until I saw the news segment. I am really inspired to try this, and have in the past but always gave up because I could never be organized enough and the coupons would always expire on me.

I now want to give it another go because I am no longer deriving an income its hopefully temporary! I look forward to really mining this site for good tips to use. I am so thankful that I found out about you and this website! I just fell in love with your site. Thank you so much for having it here for us! So here is my question….

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I am a little embarrased to ask but here goes. Can you use coupons at Dollar Stores? Thank you so much again Lynn. Lynn: Dollarama accepts coupons… well, certain locations do. I suggest calling your local store before attempting to use them there. What happens if i have a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free of an item. Then i have another coupon for buy 1 of those items and get another different product for free? Lets say for example. Buy 1 Chicken Soup, Get 1 Free.

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Is this within coupon policy? Lets say Walmart? Am new to couponing. I live in Alberta. Just wondering what are some tips on getting the coupons. What sites do you guys all use??? I have been couponing and pricematching for over a year now. Sometimes I do get incredible savings on stuff, but most of the time my coupon will expire before it ever goes on sale. I price match at Walmart all the time, and even though they deny it, I know they store stuff in the back if the savings are too much for us!

Food coupons are the most difficult to come by, I usually do better buying the store brand vs. I save approx. Because I live in a border town, I also have started saving the US coupons as well!! I live in Florida and I have been couponing for a little over a year now. But I do find that the sales we have in Florida that make buying in bulk and saving money easier is that every week there is always b1g1 and you can use two coupons one for each item and you can stack store and manufacturer to make money on items to use for your other products.

I have never ordered online but I do get more then one paper to get my coupons and our coupons come every week in the newspaper.

For Jessica. I became part of the Pampers club online, and they seem to send me coupons each month! Can you use a coupon on top of an item that has a money off peelie sticker on it? If you find that item on sale, you can get it for almost nothing. I am looking forward to getting Target here, because I found some of my best deals at Target.

One cashier who sees me more often tells me if there was a better deal at another store even without showing the proof! I wish more cashiers would do the same. I was able to get great products at low prices. Of course, most of the items are being donated for Christmas baskets but still great value for the buck!

Hopefully, this will change soon and trust the cashiers as long as they can document the store and validity date. I am at the end of my maternity leave and looking at the costs of going back to work, I decided to start couponing. How can I possibly increase my savings??? I have a question about printing coupons.

With the cost of coloured ink is it beneficial to use those coupons and do all stores take them? I have couponed for quite sometime now and have been following most of these steps and tips. I have cut my bills down and have been able for the most part to stay in budget. I have noticed that alot of the cheaper grocery stores have sign s saying they dont accept printed coupons. I have never used coupons so I have never tried.

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I want to be a couponer in Medicine Hat, Alberta for now where I live. I would like to find a buddy couponer to help me get started and also a printer compatible with my laptop.

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I would like to make savings since on social assistance and no other income. Clothes too, bed linens, towels and so on. Maybe garage service made cheaper. I would like to travel once a year by land, rail , cruise ship. Can someone help me out. Where can I get one of those coupon book holders? I shop at Co-ops in city. I hope that this is helpful for someone but for my family I always walk away with something for free when I visit No Frills. No Frills frustrates me cause they always have their prices wrong and they dont honor SCOP so I just wrote a letter to loblaws companies about No Frills because they have a location here in Scarborough, Ontario that insists they dont practice SCOP which I know is incorrect.

I havent gotten a reply yet but im interested to see what they say! I went to Nofrills last week and I wanted to price match an item and they told me. There policy recently changed they no longer price match items they are currently promoting like their name brand items. Every item she had, there was a coupon to have it for free. She could have found them anywhere. You can get them from trading with other couponers, from purchasing products with FREE coupons attached to them, etc. Prepare to be disappointed! Just got told at walmart that they just changed their policy.

You can only use one coupon per transaction. Just one in total. Will business taking them here? If not can we find the same coupons so we can use them here. For most of the big brands, you can find the same coupons here. I am just getting started with my couponing but I am getting frustrated with the fact that the stores keep telling me oh we only get one coupon per purchase or you cannot use the same coupon in the same transaction more than once in Canada. We get hosed on coupons in Canada. Rarely do you see a coupon that says half off.

Asking for doubling will never happen. One coupon per transaction with a whopping 25 cents off is about it. Americans have a way better system. We are so polite we get ripped off on everything. I thought I would let everyone know, if you have a target in your area you can use a target coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. They allow it and I do it everytime I go. I live in rural central Alberta and have a very hard time finding the paper coupons offered in newspapers. I have bought the local newspapers for a month and never found inserts.

Any suggestions? Thankx so much Renae. I am interested in becoming an extreme couponer. I am only Fourteen but dedicated in trying to save money for the family. If someone can help me find a way to understand these coupons and find a way to save money i would really appreciate it.

Giant tiger honours coupons and they already have pretty cheap prices. You can use more than 1 in a transaction as well. I try to go there to use a lot Of my coupons but they do not have every product so check the flyers first or go there and make a mental note! You are right,Walmart did just change their policies.

However, the policy is that only one coupon per item. Way to go! I think the biggest difference between couponing in CA and the US is going to be how you get your coupons. Most of the other coupon philosophies and policies are going to be the same.

Happy to share more and help more — find me on facebook under Katie Garbutt. Before I begin this dedication to extreme couponing, how much can I expect to save here in Canada? Thank you. I hear u on that Dave. I Whanna learn soo badly but not for the food but for the dry stuff.. Some days I hate canada lol for there system.

They also price match. They priced match on Catalina Smart Pasta on sale elsewhere for. So if you have a Walmart near your area it worth thinking about using your coupons there. Great info Cassie! Thanks for the dose of reality Mrs. Um planning on migrating to Canada in the next year. Does anyone know if I can use my coupons! My issue here in Ontario is that I have never seen a good deal where you can combine offers.

The other thing is the limitations. And most of the coupons in our flyers are for junk I would normally never buy anyway. I live in Flin Flon Manitoba and want to start using coupons but we only have a Walmart not a lot of food a co-op and an I G A food store. How do I start?

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View all posts by Cassie Howard. Comments I totally agree with you…….. Di — Thank you very much! Okay, rant over. Congrats on your pasta brag! Thanks for sharing! I use coupons on marked down item to reduce the cost even more, at SDM, RCSS and Safeway always have a discount section As Cassie has said, its takes work to do this , but a little saving here and there can add up fast.

Great post, thank you! Erica — Thank you! Glad you like the site. Yes, you can. Erika: Good luck with your trip. Let us know how it goes! Erika, I am looking forward to how you do too, as I have been thinking of doing that myself. Tyler: No, that is considered stacking and is not allowed. Cynthia c: It just means only one coupon per item. Is there a site that focuses on match-ups and coupons in Quebec Montreal specificly? Kath: No, that would be considered stacking.