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Travelling from London. I am thinking Iceland, Wales, Croatia, Morocco or anywhere. Can anyone recommend some good tour companies that will provide this? Lord help me but may I suggest Saga. But if you look in the Guardian or Telegraph you will find that they run tours - often run on their behalf by Riviera Tours.

Otherwise look at the old faithfuls; Voyages Jules Verne, Travelsphere I have had excellent experiences with both or consider Just You which is Travelsphere's single people tour company. I went to Cuba and Tuscany with them and had really good service. I am a similar age to your mother. Thanks so much for your help!

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I've been to all the destinations myself just sending Mum off on her own. That is really helpful! How about a Norwegian Coastal Trip? I am not yet the age of your Mum, but I would do it solo with no worries whatsoever:.

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Have you checked with Titan Tours? I believe they will fetch her at her doorstep in addition to taking good care of her during the tour, whichever one you both choose that is. If your mother is only in her 60s, are you sure that she would prefer a tour? Has she said so, or are you letting your own concerns suggest certain choices?

It is understandable and very loving that you are concerned about her welfare, but you might want to double check with her. I certainly would only join a tour for someplace I simply could not travel in by myself. I'm 53 and travel alone and have done 3 of their tours. You don't have to pay single supplement if you are willing to share if another single same sex person on the tour but you can pay it if you don't like to share. I go on the Original tours. Italy is a country steeped in beauty and romance. From the historical canal network of Venice to the remarkable icons of the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome, it rings of culture and history.

This day exploration tour ticks off all the highlights, including Pompeii, the ancient grottos of Matera and the alluring Amalfi Coastline.

Solo Senior Travel: 3 Ways to Vacation for Independent Adventurers

Prepare to be enchanted. An African safari is an immersive trip full of culture, adventure and wildlife encounters. Many tour companies require you to have travel insurance as a precaution, and even if they don't, seniors travel insurance can be a real life saver should something on your tour not go to plan. If you slip on some cobblestones in a historic European street or get sick and confined to your cabin on a cruise tour, you can be covered for any medical bills or compensated for missed experiences. Seniors only? No, but groups are small with a maximum of 24 people. Physical rating: Medium.

This is an adventure tour and you will need to be able to do a moderate level of walking. Singles supplement available: Yes. Book an Uluru Adventure package here. Taste of Tasmania Original Intrepid This round-trip Tasmanian tour starts and ends in Hobart and offers a mix of relaxation and adventure.

No, but groups are small with a maximum of 21 people. This tour includes walking treks which may require a certain level of fitness. Book the Taste of Tasmania tour here. Shared experiences are powerful and healing in that they help us feel less alone. Some people prefer the all-inclusive vacation. However, in the event you plan to go on a trip where you volunteer, you will meet people who share your values on giving and sacrifice. This may lead to significant, long-lasting friendships. One traveler, Ms.

Cole, said that looking back, she wished she had not been so nervous in the beginning and that the most memorable things were the friendships formed. She still keeps in touch with her travel companions on Facebook and meets with those she connected the most.

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One of the ways to enhance the quality of your life is to stay purposeful. Travel is a way to do this, whether you are fulfilling a childhood dream to go to Italy on a food and wine trip or whether you are helping women in Africa learn to be economically independent, it is deeply fulfilling and liberating.

Senior travel deals

The great thing about volunteering, for instance, is that it makes you focus less on your own hardships, hence keeping you happy and grateful. In a world of great need, the skills you have acquired through the years can be instrumental. New experiences are fun and exciting and even a little scary.

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You are guaranteed to enjoy them. As you interact with different people and their cultures, you will get to understand them and truly appreciate them. This is a very eye-opening affair. You also get to experience different food, drinks, and weather—what a treat! Your choices are not limited; instead, you have quite a lot to pick from.

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You could go to an island, ice-skating, a cruise in the ocean, or exploring the wild. With such a wealth of choices, you are bound to find something that excites you. You can opt for a low budget trip or a more extravagant one depending on your financial state, either way; you experience something new and interesting. If you are still searching for it, it is never too late to find love.

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Older women have been known to find love later in their life. The man to enjoy these fun exciting years of your life may be on the next trip; he may sit next to you on the plane or volunteer with you. Open yourself up to these opportunities. You may be afraid to go into the unknown and try a new experience.

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  • This is normal, but you must push through the fear and do it anyway, you will be glad you did. If your concern is related to your finances, you can look for an alternative way of raising the money instead of dipping into your retirement pond. Besides, there is always the option of a low-budget trip, and you can research on this and see which one suits you.

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    • Being a single person, you may be afraid of feeling lonely when you travel alone. One traveler said that there was nothing worse than being alone and lonely in an expensive couple-oriented resort. Many single women are afraid of traveling solo.